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In the spray foam industry, No-Burn® Plus and Plus XD intumescent paints are practical and economical options for meeting ignition barrier requirements. 

No-Burn® Plus and Plus XD act as a shield, protecting the substrate from the exposure or propagation of flame by surrounding the treated material with a protective char-barrier. These specialty products meet ignition barrier requirements for open and closed cell spray applied polyurethane foam plastic insulation as identified in the applicable sections of the International Building Codes (IBC), International Residential Codes (IRC), and Acceptance Criteria 377 (AC 377).  

According to AC 377, spray applied polyurethane foam plastic insulation installed in a crawl space where entry is made only for service of utilities, shall be protected by an ignition barrier as set in the IBC Section 2603.4.1.6, IRC Section R314.5.4 or Exception 4 of UBC Section 2602.4, except as noted in Section X2.0.  

Thermal Barriers and Ignition Barriers for the Spray Polyurethane Foam Industry - SPFA: icon TB & IB for SPF Industry

American Chemistry Council Center for the Polyurethane Industry:
Guidance Document

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icon Plus Sell Sheet

icon Plus XD Sell Sheet

Evaluation reports and code references:
icon ICC-ES Report 2600
icon ICC-ES Report 3034

icon ICC-ES Report 2940
icon ICC-ES Report 1172

icon ICC-ES Report 3052
icon ICC-ES Report 1826
icon ICC-ES Report 2715
icon ICC-ES Report 3199
icon ICC-ES Report 2780
icon ICC-ES Report 2642
icon ICC-ES Report 3102
icon IAPMO-ES Report 0172
icon ICC Acceptance Criteria 377 (AC 377)

No-Burn® Plus and Plus XD are applied by a brush, roller or airless sprayer, applied uniformly to the entire surface in one coat.  Refer to the technical data sheets and product engineering reports for application information. 

Additional Information:
icon MSDS Plus
icon No-Burn Plus Technical Data Sheet
icon No-Burn Plus Technical Data Sheet - Spanish

icon MSDS Plus XD
icon No-Burn Plus XD Technical Data Sheet
icon No-Burn Plus XD Technical Data Sheet - Spanish

No-Burn, Inc. is here to provide our clients and their communities with the greatest possible value for fire and mold preventative solutions through our manufacturing, distributing and installation services.


No-Burn, Inc. warrants that the No-Burn® formula will be manufactured to the same specifications and quality, and will perform equally to the tests performed by the independent laboratories when properly applied by a certified No-Burn® applicator. Warranty coverage is limited solely to the cost of product purchased hereunder and specifically excludes incidental expenses and consequential damages. The certified No-Burn® applicator warrants that the product, in its original form from the Manufacturer, will be stored, mixed and/or applied as directed in the guidelines from No-Burn, Inc., to every reasonably accessible area that has been specified for protection. All implied warranties, from No-Burn®, Inc. or its certified applicator are excluded.   There may be situations and materials of which No-Burn® will not prevent a fire from igniting or retard the progress of a fire.


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